Open and closed option stand-alone retail pharmacy network

GHP’s retail pharmacy network program, offers a unique stand-alone retail pharmacy network with both open and closed options. It is PBM-agnostic and can be implemented on any PBM platform. Our comprehensive pharmacy network represents 65,000 pharmacies including all major pharmacy, PSAOs, and grocery store chains. The network can be used selectively by client and geography.

Our payor direct model eliminates all spread scenarios (traditional and transparent programs) that may exist between the payor and retail pharmacies. It is typically implemented as a limited network to achieve the highest discounts and the PBM acts as the administrator only, separating the PBM interests from payor and pharmacy.

Features available through Gateway’s retail network program

Accreditation and Audit Procedures

Accreditation and audit procedures to ensure the highest levels of pharmacy practice standards and compliance

Communication Campaigns

Preferred provider communication campaigns through mail, text, phone and e-mail

Rebate Options

Point of Sale rebate options to steer patients with coinsurance to preferred providers

Chain Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Coordination with major chain loyalty and rewards programs to increase preferred provider market share

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