Five Things to Know about GLP-1’s and Utilization Management

By Azim Bari, Chief Clinical Officer for Gateway Health Partners With predictability and clarity at the forefront of everything we do, Gateway Health Partners is committed to sharing our insights and expertise to help you stay informed and navigate your options as GLP-1s continue to transform the healthcare landscape. The Rising Popularity of GLP-1s It’s … Read more

How Much Should Rebate Transparency and Predictability Cost?

Nothing! You could stop reading this article now. It should cost you nothing. Unfortunately, in the world of rebate and formulary management, that’s not the norm. Time and time again, partners overpromise… unclear reporting is delivered… or you just plain don’t know where you stand in the competitive landscape month-over-month. As a client, you should … Read more

Don’t Let Clawbacks Dig Away at Your Bottom Line

Are you sick of the word “clawbacks” being part of your vocabulary? Tired of not knowing how your bottom line will be impacted each month due to them? Or just plain want more clarity in how you navigate the financial obstacles and opportunities of your day-to-day business? You’re not alone. For some, clawbacks have become … Read more