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Our Clinical Team leverages a multitude of tools and strategies to help clients understand and manage their pharmacy spend. Please review some of our clinical solutions below and connect with the Gateway Clinical Team to learn more.

Message from Azim

“It’s very easy to become overwhelmed with all the news and happenings in the pharmaceutical industry. This is why our clients receive a curated weekly newsletter informing them of the top 1-2 news stories that may be important to them. The newsletter reaches everyone from Chief Medical Officers, brokers, consultants, human resources, staff and clinical pharmacists. Learn more about how we support our clients.”

Azim Bari

GHP Senior Vice President, Clinical Services

GHP Clinical Resources

FDA Announcements

Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics are drugs that fight infections caused by bacteria NOT viruses. Antibiotics are not effective against viral infections like the common cold, most sore throats, and the flu.

Health & Wellness

Eat These 6 Foods to Keep Your Liver Healthy and Happy

When you think of ways to keep your liver healthy, your mind probably jumps to drinking less alcohol. And while it’s true that alcohol is linked with liver problems, what you eat impacts the health of this vital organ, too. Megan Flores, a dietitian with Banner Health in Phoenix, AZ, explained more about how your liver helps keep you healthy, and what you can eat to help it perform at its best.

Understanding Medical Lingo and Jargon

Necrosis is the death of cells in your body tissue.

Nephritis is an inflammation of the kidneys.

Bacterial infections are any illness or condition caused by bacterial growth or poisons (toxins). You can get sick from getting harmful bacteria in your skin, gut (GI tract), lungs, heart, brain, blood or anywhere else in your body.

Viral infections are illnesses you get from tiny organisms that use your cells to make more copies of themselves (viruses).

Degeneration is the deterioration and loss of function in the cells of a tissue or organ.

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